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Pool and Property Rules:  Failure to follow the rules can result in denial of future use.

We try and stay pretty relaxed on the property, but there are a few rules we ask you abide to:

- Park on rock unless unavoidable 

- Parking on grass for shade is allowed in some areas (I will clear that up for you in person), but leaving your vehicle running will also leave a dead spot where your air conditioning condensation drips, so no running vehicles on grass please.  

- If you arrive early for your booking and another client is using the pool, please keep a distance from the pool area as they have paid to have that space to themselves.  There is plenty of space to walk your dog prior to swimming that will not negatively affect others.

- There is a timer on the dock to remind you when your rental time is up.  You MUST be off the dock when your time is up.  Remember others are often waiting their turn.  

- If your dog is an excited pooper (yes, this happens OFTEN), please take them off the dock after ~10min and give them a quick break.  

Pool Cancellation Policy

Weather is uncontrollable and no client will financially suffer from a loss of pool time due to weather. 

It is the clients responsibility to monitor the weather closely if rain is in the forecast.  Many of times a client has cancelled because it was raining at their house but the pool never saw a drop of rain.  This is a loss of session with NO REFUND.  

If you are reading this, you can also look at the radar and see if it's raining.

Other than weather, any cancellation within 48hrs of your pool time will not receive a refund.  


Training Cancellation Policy

With over 500 clients under my belt I've heard all the excuses at this point.  I am a sympathetic person when a bad scenario presents itself and a client can not make a training session.  At times, especially in the winter, I've experienced up to a 60% cancellation rate which makes it very hard to run a business and make ends meet.  I take my job seriously, please take training your dog the same.

48hrs or less notice is a loss of session, no refund.  To schedule a new appointment, the session must be prepaid after a client misses a training session.

More than 48hrs notice, a client can reschedule without any fees.  If a client reschedules more than twice, all sessions must be prepaid moving forward.

If a client misses 3 sessions, training is over.

If a dog is unable to perform in a training session, the session is considered a loss at the clients’ expense.  Plan accordingly, typical examples are: dog was at daycare all day and is too tired to engage in training, or dog was fed shortly before the training session and is no longer hungry.

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