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An emphasis on low quantity, high quality experience for the dogs is a priority. Max of 10 dogs at a time, exceptions on holiday weekends.  
Return clients; feel free to text us with your dates.  Please notice updated drop off/pickup times.

Boarding Fees: 

Basic - $40/day $35/day for multiple dogs.  Dogs are socialized with other boarders and on a rotation outside weather dependent.  Discounts apply for return clients, great dogs that are a dream to board, extended stays...etc. 


Add Ons

1-on-1 human interaction $20, twice daily, based on your dogs' needs. Typically 20-30min periods.  This can be playing fetch, swimming (seasonal), extended walks, a relaxing brush down or massage.


Training can be added to stays over 5 days.  $80/day is the starting cost to include training.  Discuss your needs with us in advance. 

Drop Off & Pickup Times:

Monday-Saturday: 8am-6pm

Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Crate behaviors:

If your dog is not crate trained and will either potty, bark, or destruct while in a crate/room, an additional fee of $80/day applies for crate training for a minimum of 3 days.  Typically all issues can be resolved in 3 days, at that time normal fees apply.  When arriving to board your dog, you may be asked to crate your dog so we can see them go into a crate/room without being forced, and not display undesirable behaviors once in the crate/room. 


What does your dog do here during their boarding stay? 

We attempt to only board social dogs, so each day is full of time outside with other dogs in a rotation that is dependent on a few variables.  Typically dogs are out 6 times a day for 30min to 2hrs at a time.  Weather and temperature are big variables.  We have room inside for dogs to play on rainy days.  

The goal is to tire the dogs out each break so that they find it satisfying to take a short nap before repeating in a few hours.  

Dogs that are well behaved get more freedom, even off leash walks around the property with a group of dogs.

Dogs that are not social or disrupt the group in a negative manner will still get the same amount of time out, just not with the rest of the dogs.  

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