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Q: What if my dog has never swam?  

A: Schedule a private pool session to introduce them to the pool.

Q: What is my dog doesn't want to jump off the dock?

A: Not all dogs will jump, but many still love to swim and we have a ramp for them to walk into the water.

Q: What do I bring to the pool session?

A: See our Dock Diving page for a list of items.

Q: Can I get in the water and swim with my dogs?

A: YES, we encourage it.

Q: Can I use food to entice my dog into the pool?

A: Yes

Q: My dog is reactive around other dogs, can they still come to the pool?

A: Yes, when you rent the pool you get it all to yourself.

Q: Does my dog need a life vest?

A: Most dogs do not, but you can certainly use on if need be.  They are not provided, you must supply your own.


Q: How does your private training work?

A: We start with an evaluation to understand your needs, often this is the first session.  A plan is devised and approved by the client and we start from there.  Sessions are either; on site at our facility, at your home, or in specific locations (parks, walks, stores, Veterinarian office).  Most clients go through 4-6 sessions and by the end of that time you are fully aware of your dogs' needs and how to fulfill them, plus whatever training requirements (behaviors) you opted for.   

Q: What kind of training methods do you use?

A: Whatever fits you and your dogs' needs.  A good trainer understands how to use a multitude of tools and techniques to achieve success.  An excellent trainer can choose the best path based off of knowledge we gain in our evaluation.

Balance is key.  Clear communication of what is correct and incorrect in our minds.  

I train my clients to GUIDE their dog through our lives via training exercises.  

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