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Training is currently limited.  Will do my best to help as many folks as the schedule allows.

The most common reasons clients contact us:

- First time puppy owners, want to do everything right

- My puppy is a nightmare, "bites" us, jumps on people, chews on things.

- Dog is "aggressive" towards people/other dogs (Fear and anxiety behavior modification)

- Dog is horrible on a leash                                                          

- "My dog barks at everything!"

- Dog is scared of everything (genetic anxiety and/or lack of proper foundation)

Basic Obedience is the foundation to all relationships with our dogs.  When performed correctly, the process of basic obedience creates communication so we can clearly tell our dogs what is right and wrong throughout life.  Without communication you cannot guide your dog properly and that is what we are trying to achieve.  


If your dog does not have basic obedience, you should start there.


I always recommend 4-6 weeks of training basic behaviors then reevaluate your situation and go from there.


With behavior modification cases, an evaluation is required to start the process.  

Once we are confidence we have a grasp on the situation and the client agrees to the proposed plan to move forward, we give some simple instructions to get started including handouts and set the schedule.

Evaluations last 1hr at a cost of $80.  Optional phone evaluations are available at a cost of $1/min. Payment for evaluations is due same day (phone evaluations can be paid electronically or at the first in-person session).

Cost for a 1hr session at our facility is $60

In-Home training cost starts at $80, max $120.  Cost is determined by distance and time spent with you.

If you're paying over $100 for a 1hr session, you're over paying.

Cases we do NOT handle:

- Human aggression to the point I can not be in the same room as the dog without them attempting to bite me.  

- Genetic anxiety is often something that training does very little to help and is very difficult to achieve results.  

- Service dogs

- Potty training after 6 months old

Payment methods

- Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo

Training Cancellation Policy

With over 500 clients under my belt I've heard all the excuses at this point.  I am a sympathetic person when a bad scenario presents itself and a client can not make a training session.  At times, especially in the winter, I've experienced up to a 60% cancellation rate which makes it very hard to run a business and make ends meet.  I take my job seriously, please take training your dog the same.

48hrs or less notice is a loss of session, no refund.  To schedule a new appointment, the session must be prepaid after a client misses a training session.

More than 48hrs notice, a client can reschedule without any fees.  If a client reschedules more than twice, all sessions must be prepaid moving forward.

If a client misses 3 sessions, training is over.

If a dog is unable to perform in a training session, the session is considered a loss at the clients’ expense.  Plan accordingly, typical examples are: dog was at daycare all day and is too tired to engage in training, or dog was fed shortly before the training session and is no longer hungry.

Training basic behaviors is done with food reward.  If your dog does not currently work for food (we prefer their actual food vs treats), please let us know before signing up for training.

What tools do we use?  Most all tools on the market have their place if used properly.  Choosing the right tool for the job is the first step.  We try not to discriminate between tools as long as they are used properly and fairly.

*All recommended training tools (equipment) must be purchased by client unless otherwise noted.  


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