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2023 Pool season to start June 1st

All time slots are 1hr, no 30min option BUT I've dropped the price to $40/hr and no cost for extra dogs.  With a full hour to spend, there is no need to show up early, please refrain from entering the property until your allocated time.  


Hours will be more limited this season due to the demand of swimming for boarding dogs.  


Don't forget you can rent the pool/facility for private parties, great time for dog birthday parties! 

Location: 353 La Prairie Rd Edelstein IL 61526

FAQ's on pool

Pool usage is not limited to dock divers.  

The pool can be used for a multitude of

activities including but not limited to:

Water therapy/general exercise

Swimming lessons for dogs of all ages

Retrieval training (hunting dogs apply)

Water rescue training

Doggy birthday parties

General pool time with your furry friends.

Don't forget:

- Towels

- Sunscreen

- Toys (floating)

- Swim suit!

- Food (if your dog is not toy motivated)

- Poop bags

- Doggie life vest if needed (not provided)

Private Pool Rental Rates and Fees

1 hour $40

Only 3 dogs on the dock at once due to the ramp weight limits.

Assistance fees:

If you need assistance in any way while renting the pool there is a $20 fee.  This is built into the scheduler as an option when you book your pool time.

Assistance can be training your future dock diver, helping a puppy learn how to swim, overcoming fear of water for an adult dog...etc. 

Pool and Property Rules:  Failure to follow the rules can result in denial of future use.

We try and stay pretty relaxed on the property, but there are a few rules we ask you abide to:

- Park on rock only, no grass parking.  

- DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY, you may be asked to return no more than 5min prior to your scheduled time.  

- You must be off the dock when your time is up.  

- Uncontrollable/excessive barking is not allowed.

- Please pick up your dogs' poop.  If you do not have poop bags, it's ok, we have plenty to help you out.  

- If your dog is an excited pooper (yes, this happens OFTEN), please take them off the dock after ~10min and give them a quick break.  

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