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Formerly Rivers Edge Canine, same business, new location prompted an updated name better suited to the location.


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We are located:

353 La Prairie Rd, Edelstein IL 61526

Tel:  309-648-0215


La Prairie

Born and raised in central Illinois, animals were always a passion of mine.  At 32 years old I took the plunge to be my own boss and Rivers Edge Canine was started in 2015 after completing my training at Tarheel Canine and earning my Master Dog Trainer Certificate.

I started simple, built the business from ground up while working a full time job.  After 2 years of very hard work I was able to go full-time in the spring of 2017.  By mid 2018 my schedule was booked 3 weeks in advance proving that providing a quality service pays off.  Working 60 hour weeks, 7 days a week I have honed my skills through challenges and hundreds of clients.  I am still learning and love new challenges!

In late 2019 I purchased the currently property to expand the business.  In 2020 the dock diving pool was opened and boarding is now available.  The new location is history rich, the property we are located on was established in 1814, the house still standing from 1851.  The La Prairie name was chosen for the business simply to keep with history and honors those who came before us here on this beautiful site.  


My personal dogs are Vandal (Malinois), and Scarlett (Dutch Shepherd).  Vandal is now retired from PSA (Vandal achieved his first leg of level 2 before injury retired him early) .  As much as I love my dogs, I do not recommend either breed for the average pet owner.  They are extremely high drive breeds that need advanced training, LOTS of time exercising, and jobs to keep them out of trouble. 

How I train?  Balance, no gimmicks.  Fairness to the DOG.  I'm first and foremost an advocate for dogs and will make the best choices for each individual dog.  My sessions are long, I love to share my knowledge with my clients.  No timers here, you get more than you pay for!



Option to pay for services, rescheduling/cancelation fees.


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